Don’t Launch a Kickstarter Patent Problem, and other crowdfunding sites have revolutionized the way that some businesses start up and raise capital. However, when new technology is involved, it is best to look before you leap. In a first-to-file patent system there is a danger that winning the race to raise capital could lead to losing the race to the Patent Office.

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Don’t fall for a patent scam


Inventors should be wary of anyone who approaches them seeking money in exchange for patent promotion services, particularly if they seem too good to be true.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office keeps a running list of the inventor complaints that it publishes.  If a firm that you are considering dealing with is on the list, it is a must read. If you are an inventor in the Baton Rouge area, you may want to talk to a local patent attorney. The Patent Office also keeps a list of each registered attorney and agent that is searchable by location.  In other words, if you are searching for a Baton Rouge patent attorney, you can get the complete list of Baton Rouge patent attorneys at

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