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First Patent Search

The patent process can be expensive. Getting an idea of where you stand before you start spending money can save time and money.

Write down some features

Almost every invention is either a combination of physical features or a combination of steps. That list of features can serve as your earliest rough draft definition of what you invented.

Patent Applications

What the Patent Office Considers New

LawUnderstanding what the Patent Office considers new will not answer the question of what is patentable, but understanding what is patentable nearly impossible without an understanding of what the Patent Office considers new.

Louisiana Patent Applications

Don’t Lose the Race to the Patent Office


Louisiana inventors and business owners should understand the basics of the new patent law following the Leahy Smith America Invents Act. One of the most important aspects of the new patent law is how the Patent Office will be judging patent applications to determine if an invention is “new.”

Baton Rouge Patent Search

Searches Add Value to Patent Applications

SearchIf your Baton Rouge company has a new product or service and you don’t know of anyone else that has anything like it, be careful.  A patent application is a significant investment.The company’s investment in a patent application is not like an investment in vehicle or other tangible item.