Baton Rouge Patent Resources

How to find a Baton Rouge Patent Attorney:

A local attorney can make all the difference.

Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge is actually a good place to look for a patent lawyer for a few reasons:

  • Baton Rouge has a diverse and qualified group of attorneys.
  • Baton Rouge is one of the more economical cities in the region if you are looking for patent services.

Talk to an Attorney

There are several pieces of information you should have before beginning a relationship with a Baton Rouge attorney including: 

  • How the attorney charges for services …¬†
    • Do they offer fixed fee services or do they charge hourly?
  • Some idea of how costly the patenting process might be.
  • Are you comfortable with how the attorney works and how your questions are being answered.

Give John a call

I would welcome your call at (225) 302-8559. If you want an idea of how John typically works through a starter call and a discounted initial consultation you can see the getting started page on

John B. Edel
(225) 302-8559

John may not be the right attorney for you

A good attorney client relationship with a patent attorney relies on technical expertise along with many other issues. For example, the best attorney for helping a client on a software or business method patent application may not be the best attorney for handling a new chemical process. If John is not the right person to help you with your invention, he may suggest another attorney or firm that might be a better fit.

John Edel, a former patent examiner for the US Patent Office, who has experience with chemical, pharmaceutical, and mechanical technologies. John also knows qualified attorneys at multiple local firms that have different types of experience including:

  • Jones Walker Waechter Poitevent Carrere & Denegre LLP
  • McGlinchey Stafford
  • Kean Miller LLP

If John is not the right attorney to help you, he would be happy to suggest another attorney or firm that may be a better suited to assist you.

By John Edel
Baton Rouge Patent Attorney